Welcome to the Hach Brewing Blog

The idea for this blog started when we were approached about writing a handbook on dissolved gases in beer. That task seemed a bit dry, but there is a definite need for good, basic information on measuring gasses in beer, and there are a lot of brewers who need the information now. So rather than doing a handbook, we decided to create a blog.

This blog is mainly about dissolved gases, but we’ll venture into other topics as well. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, and let us know what topics you’d like to see. This can be a forum for the brewing community too, so if you want to write a guest post, send an outline of your idea.

The format will be a couple of topic-related posts each week – the serious stuff – but then we’ll wrap up with “Frivolous Friday.” If your brewery has news, or you find something brew-centric on YouTube, or it’s simply wacky and relevant, then we’ll link to it, and that will make Friday the day for fun.

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