Guest Post by JP Camardo

Guest post by JP Camardo, Hach Marketing

Chaz has kindly allowed me to hijack the blog today. We’ve been thrilled that so many people have been finding the blog helpful and interesting. From the outset, we felt it was critical that this blog be educational and genuine above all else. The content has been great so far, and there’s a lot more coming.

In taking this brief break from our typical posts, we’re hoping you’ll allow us to do a little shameless promotion of Hach, and point out a tool for craft brewers. It’s an online interactive brochure — just launched — which you can find on our website at You’ll find product information and videos on Hach’s Orbisphere products, a brewery process map with important quality parameters, a link to an online webinar, and more.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be a part of craft brewing. There is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, innovation, attention to detail and overall quality. This was all so very evident at the recent CBC. You can practically see the passion by browsing a few snapshots from the show, not to mention all the cool events that just took place during American Craft Beer Week.  Those of us at Hach in Loveland, Colorado, were fortunate that there were quite a few ACBW activities in our area. We took advantage of as many as we could!

We hope you’ll continue to visit this blog and our website, and if you have questions or want more information, please let us know. As always, we are there to support the craft brewer’s commitment to quality.

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