Frivolous Friday Fun – Strange Brew: a Beer Movie so Bad it’s Good

What is it about beer that inspires – umm — an interesting level of humor? Could it be that beer culture is a bit more fun and takes itself a tad less seriously?

Knowing my never-ending quest for whacky beer trivia, my friend and co-worker, Kevin, suggested I watch an old Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas movie called Strange Brew.  He didn’t tell me much, just hinted that it was a campy 1980s masterpiece about two brothers in search of free beer.

There are more holes in the plot than Swiss cheese and most of the action is as far-fetched as possible – at one point Rick Moranis drinks his way out of a finished beer tank. But the funny bathroom jokes are endless and the “special effects” are hilarious, so if you are looking for some mindless, ridiculous fun, then you need look no further. Best of all, there are some great shots filmed inside an actual brewery. I’d love to know the location, so if you have that information, please leave a comment. Happy Friday!


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