Frivolous Friday Fun – Win a Wrench Set

I’m just back from a short vacation and thought I’d look for feedback in the form of a giveaway. I have some sets of open-end wrenches, with a closed end that ratchets, to give to a half dozen readers. Here’s how to get one:

Leave a comment and offer a suggestion for a blog post. If I use your idea, I’ll email you to get your address, so I can send you a wrench set. Sorry, but I can’t ship outside the US.

Your idea can be either for process brewing topics or for frivolous fun ideas related to beer. Cheers!

2 responses

  1. I’d like a post that outlines when it’s optimal to use continuous flow measurements vs. single sample measurements. I generally use continuous flow and have a harder time trusting the numbers i get with single sample measurements.

  2. Interested in how a small brewery can affordably find out how much DO is ending up in the wort pre-fermentation. Consistent and adequate O2 levels in wort are important for consistent fermentations, yeast health, and flavor. Right now we simply turn on the O2 at a particular rate and hope for the best. Neva Parker with White Labs did a study on O2 levels in wort at multiple small brewers and found them to be all over the place with multiple methodologies. How can a small brewer dial this in accurately by measuring at an affordable price?

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