About Hach

We have a long passion for understanding and refining the measurement of oxygen in beer.

The more we talked to brewers, the more it became evident that accurate package oxygen measurements were of critical importance, and we’ve been dedicated to spreading the word ever since.

We are a member of the American Society of Brewing Chemists and also a member of the Brewers Association.

One response

  1. Hello. I own a small company that makes bottling equipment for numerous industries (beer, wine, olive oil, etc) and we are working on a new counter-pressure filler for cans (we already make on for bottles). The challenge we have is sealing that can at more that 10-12psi. So we are wanting to determine if filling at the 10-12 psi can pressure is better than just open filling. Our thought was to get a meter to measure DO then do an open fill and counter-pressure fill and measure the difference. I’m not as concerned about the absolute value of the DO, but rather the difference between the two fill techniques.

    Does this make sense?

    Are there other measurements we should make that would benefit our understanding of the quality of the counter-pressure filled cans?

    Thank you very much. BTW, our fillers are relatively affordable tabletop type fillers.

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