Download link for TPO Calculator

Apologies to those who have requested the TPO calculator and not received it.

I have updated the link and you can request the TPO calculator here and download it.

Click here for link –

Apologies one again and many thanks.

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Making Sense of Oxygen Control

Do you know if your instruments are telling the truth when it comes to your DO measurements? Are you confident with the accuracy? Where and how you accurately monitor Dissolved Oxygen (DO) is important as improper oxygen levels can cause noticeable changes in the quality of your final product. Continue reading

Bitterness & Colour in Finished Beer: A Case Study

Achieving the best quality product requires best-in-class testing methods for a variety of parameters, including color and bitterness in your beer.

Download this case study to find out how BrewDog set up standard methods for in-house testing of bitterness and color on their final product and achieved the confidence and consistency they were looking for in their quality.


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