Frivolous Friday – Tutankhamen Beer Fetches a Royal Sum

I’m sometimes amazed at what connoisseurs are willing to do for a unique experience. Would you pay $7,686 for a bottle of beer? This one happened to be the first filled with someone’s best interpretation of what might have been cooked up in King Tut’s kitchen. Subsequent bottles didn’t fetch nearly as much, but it still sounds like it was an interesting experiment. Here’s the full story:

Happy Friday!

Frivolous Friday – “Win a Beer Robot”

Oh, if only we could, but I think the contest ended over five years ago. It’s still good for some fresh Friday fun, however, so here we go.

As far as I understand, the original concept was that if you collected 36 different “seals” from specially marked packages of Asahi, you would win a robot. The entire robot sequence takes more than three minutes, so if you don’t want to watch the whole thing then fast forward to the 1:55 mark to watch the beer being poured. What struck me is the consistent pour technique, but I’m not sure it would work if you had a can that gushed. Here’s the YouTube video:

You can also read about it here:

And – ahem! – am I the only one who thinks this robot looks like a Hello Kitty?

Frivolous Friday – More on Old Beer Cans and Church-keys


I had the honor of speaking at my local MBAA chapter’s quarterly last night. While we socialized and sampled a great variety of beer, I noticed that someone had put out a large box of churchkeys for bottle opening. This was the biggest supply of that traditional, long-forgotten opener I’ve seen since I was a kid, and it reminded me of this photo sent by my friend Abe. Thanks to Lars, Jeff, Brian and the rest for inviting me to talk last night.


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