Frivolous Friday – Tutankhamen Beer Fetches a Royal Sum

I’m sometimes amazed at what connoisseurs are willing to do for a unique experience. Would you pay $7,686 for a bottle of beer? This one happened to be the first filled with someone’s best interpretation of what might have been cooked up in King Tut’s kitchen. Subsequent bottles didn’t fetch nearly as much, but it still sounds like it was an interesting experiment. Here’s the full story:

Happy Friday!

Frivolous Friday Fun – The History of the Pull Tab

If you remember the days of pull-tab necklaces, then you might like this follow-up to last week’s link about a revival of the flat topped can: It’s a link to the history of the pull-tab can end. Thanks to my colleague JP for this idea and last Friday’s fun as well!

Frivolous Friday Fun – Packaging Hype Gone Wild



One of the things I love about brewers is that they don’t take themselves too seriously.  While breweries have artists like Ralph Steadman designing their labels, champagne makers use glitz and glamour to sell their product. To see the latest package blitz by Dom Pérignon click here.



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